Warning: this article may offend practicing magicians, those of the Jewish faith and devotees of my favorite band: Led Zeppelin. And it is a long article.

Today I’m going to stray from mathematical analysis and go into a completely informative analysis of a use of the Hermetic Qabalah, also known as The Tree of Life.


The Kabbalah is a Jewish tradition of mysticism that supposedly dates from Eden (1).  I’m not going to debate its origins or purpose here, but I will say that the interpretive meaning is incomplete in my opinion.  I’ll give an example of one of its proper uses in another article.

I am assuming that the reader knows something about the uses and meaning of Hermetic Qabalah and/or Jewish Kabbalah, so I’m not going the discuss each sephirah.  Today, I just want to discuss this construct’s more garden variety symbology.  Here’s a Jewish Kabbalah from Wikipedia commons by User: AnonMoosTree_of_life_bahir_Hebrew.svg

The Jewish Kabbalah has been, shall we say, appropriated, by many esoteric faiths and groups.  I’m relatively sure that the Jewish Kabbalah was derived, without any understanding, from an even earlier source.  I have found some evidence for this, but not the smoking gun.  I’m sure that by mentioning this possibility, I’ll start a hot and ugly debate about the uses and misuses of Kabbalah/Qabalah.  Names will be both named and called.

If you are reading this far, you already know the usual suspects in this matter so I’m not going to list their names, appellations, books, bookstores, manner of dress, works of art, houses which spontaneously burnt to the ground or deviant sexual practices. Please remember my goal is only to demonstrate the Hidden in Plain Sight and I am not an adherent of any school of thought, religion, or esoteric tradition. In the end, you will have to decide what to believe about what I show you.

The Hermetic Qabalah(2) is a western system of the occult that uses the same symbol of the Tree of Life. My favorite image shows the so-called Lightning Strike drawn here in yellow. Quoting from Wikipedia:Tree_of_life_wk_02.svg.png

“Each sephirah is considered to be an emanation of the divine energy (often described as ‘the divine light’) which ever flows from the unmanifest, through Kether into manifestation.[7] This flow of light is indicated by the lightning flash shown on diagrams of the sephirotic tree which passes through each sephirah in turn according to their enumerations.” (2)






In the Hermetic Qabalah, energy is drawn from the divine to earthly region. The skilled practitioner may use said energy to manifest their intention. I’m going to assign a male polarity to The Lightning Strike because it is angular and direct.  [For a review of esoteric polarity please consult The Kybalion (3)]

There is another form of the western Qabalah that includes the female principle of energy, the so-called ‘Kundalini’, represented by the coiled or undulating serpent. This diagram properly includes both male and female energies of creation channeled from the divine to create the earthly.Kabbalah_snake









A sigil is a symbol or seal (4) associated with the use of magic. There are several systems for creation of sigils.  A man named John Doe could create a sigil of his name by striking the vowels: John Doe and using the remaining consonants in his sigil: ‘JHND’. To make it more artist, personal and powerful, the letters can be more artfully drawn and rearranged.




Sigils can be created to represent objects you want control over (like those troublesome rubber duckies): Untitled


A sigil can be an ideal that you adhere to; both the Star of David and the Sign of the Cross are powerful sigils. A sigil can be a deeply rooted societal icon; both the symbol for money $, and the copyright symbol ©, are commonly used sigils.


Now that we know what sigils are, I’m going to make one from the Qabalah. First I want to represent the twin pillars and the sephirah that lie on them. Each pillar has three circles so I’ll start there.circle1


Next I want the male principle of creation; the powerful energy of The Lightning Strike.


lightning strike



And finally the female principle of creation, the undulating serpent.




Now I’ve assemble the three elements of the Qabalah that I need to make a sigil; a power symbol I can use to manifest my intentions. I’m going to stylize and truncate each of them. First I’ll merge the circles and then approximate them as an oval. Since there are two pillars I’ll need two ovals.




Next I’ll cut the serpent and the lightning strike down to something more manageable.


lightning strike2kundalini2





Finally, I’ll arrange them in a pleasing orientation and order that approximates:

male + female = my creation

and connect the dots. If I want to give my intention some extra zip, I’ll embroider this on my clothing and frequently make motions with my hands that imply its use while I’m working.




Look familiar? This is a reasonable facsimile of the ZoSo sigil l found in the text the Dragon Rouge . While many colorful ideas have linked ‘Zoso’ to Mr. Page’s zodiac signs, the sigil predates his birth.   Couple this with stirring bass tones around 55 Hz, which is the human heartbeat at a nice A1 octave, and you have an unbeatable recipe for success.

Its just my opinion.

I’m done for the day. Love Lisa


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